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Isabel en los libros

No hay muchos sistemas de informacinnn mdica sobre los que se escribe en los libros, pero Isabel ha aparecido en no menos de cuatro hasta ahora.


“Super Crunchers” is a fascinating book by econometrician and Professor at Yale Law School, Ian Ayres. Published in 2007 it was one of the first books to talk about the power of data over intuition. In the chapter entitled “How Should Physicians Treat Evidence-Based Medicine” the author describes Isabel and evidenced based diagnosis.


“Diagnosis” is by Dr Lisa Sanders New Times columnist who was the Technical Advisor to the hit TV show ‘House, MD”. The author describes the detective process of diagnosis illustrated by several complex cases. Isabel is featured in the chapter entitled” Digital Diagnosis”.


“The Digital Doctor” is a landmark book by the world renowned patient safety guru, Dr Robert Wachter. It’s a fascinating look at the effects of computers in healthcare. The book has had a huge impact and even the NHS invited the author to carry out a digital review of the UK’s health service as a result. Isabel is featured in the chapter entitled “David and Goliath”.


In 2014 the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK published this very practical and useful training guide for GPs. Isabel is highlighted in the chapter entitled “On Diagnosis”.