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Isabel Healthcare EMR Integration Options

Isabel Healthcare provides many options for integrating the Isabel diagnosis decision support system into the EMR. Options are available to accommodate most existing EMR systems and at various degrees of integration. The goal is to put the Isabel system in the hands of clinicians as part of their normal workflow making it easy to access and use where and when they need the tool.

Integration options afford the ability to start with basic launching of Isabel from within the EMR and extend the integration with passing data bi-directionally all the way through complete embedding using the Isabel API.

The integration with Isabel can be done in phases or completed in one phase usually only requiring minimal time from scarce IT resources. An example of a phased approach might look like the following:

Implementation plan:

Phase 1: A simply Isabel link in the EMR (no patient information is populated)

Phase 2: Query string / HL7 info button integration – patient information is populated, results displayed in Isabel the browser. Also API/web service embedded into EMR application and client can develop their own UI.

Phase 3: Return data to EMR (using HL7 or XML with diagnosis name & SNOMED/ICD9 or ICD10 codes), a patient identifier used to make the return of data possible.

Integration Options with the Isabel system include:

  • 1. Adding a link/button that launches the Isabel system. All data entered directly into the Isabel system with full access to the Knowledge page content with no data returned to the EMR.
  • 2. Sending data to Isabel via a link or button in the EMR:
  •   The query string method is used to send the patient's age, gender, pregnancy, symptoms, signs, results of tests and investigations, problem list from the EMR to web-based Isabel. Using this link, you can also download instructions for the Query String method here.

Construct your own query string. (Ensure your account is EMR activated, contact us at Start by entering your user ID and password, then select your age band, gender, pregnancy (if relevant) and region. Lastly enter your query text (comma separated or pipe separated). Finally click on GO and wait for the result.

Enter your details: specialties= General &id= &password= &age= &sex= &pregnant= &region= &querytext= &suggest=Suggest+Differential+DiagnosisGo

  •   Using the HL7 info button standard to send data to Isabel by populating the query box, and generating the checklist, with access to the knowledge page for any specific diagnosis the user wants to research.
  •   API / web service integration, capturing data in the EMR, sending the data through the Isabel engine and receiving diagnosis list from Isabel which is displayed in unique user interface developed by client.
  • 3. Returning the diagnosis name and SNOMED/ICD9 or ICD10 code from Isabel checklist to the EMR for incorporation into the problem list or other desired location in the patient record
  •   Return data to EMR in HL7 or XML
  •   API /web services fully embedded into EMR application and client develops UI (for the results & returning data)

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